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What is Dynamic SIP?

Dynamic Mutual Funds have an investment objective of giving optimum results during both the fall and rise of the market.

Why Invest in Dynamic SIP?

  • Buy when the share market is low and sell when high
  • Get better returns than your regular SIP
  • Automatically split your money in fixed income debt funds and share market-linked equity funds based on relative market valuations

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What is CashRich?

CashRich is a venture funded startup with nearly 200,000+ users. The company was selected by the Government of Maharashtra as one of the top innovative fintech startups and awarded a financial grant. CashRich was started with a vision to provide high-quality wealth management services using a convenient Android and iPhone app. The CashRich app provides a simple and intuitive user interface with powerful algorithms running in the background. CashRich app provides personalised options based on the user's profile and financial goals.

Why Invest with CashRich?

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Your money moves from your bank account to the mutual fund house and back. With our secure platform from BSE.

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Flexible Scheme Plan

Stop, pause, change the scheme or change the SIP amount anytime. Withdraw investments anytime from the app.

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  • Normal SIP

    When you make an investment in SIP, 100% of it goes into the market.

    Dynamic SIP
    1) What Dynamic SIP does for you?

    • Invest more when markets are down – Fetch more UNITS
    • Provide Emergency fund, if required, without affecting Equity investments
    • Earn better over a Normal SIP

    2) How Dynamic SIP works?

    When you make an investment in Dynamic SIP, it will go into fixed income instruments & share market investments based on the market conditions.

    For e.g. For example, in Jan 2020 when SENSEX was very high, Dynamic SIP allocated Rs. 1000 (10%) to share market and Rs. 9000 to fixed income (liquid funds) for a total SIP of Rs. 10,000/month. Similarly, in Feb 2020 an allocation of 15% was done. In March 2020, when the market crashed due to corona, the Dynamic SIP allocated 70% to share market due to relatively lower valuations.

  • Dynamic SIPs do not get affected as much as Normal SIPs during Volatility. The Debt-Equity allocation is based on various market factors which helps improve the overall performance of our investments.

  • Rs.10,000 is the minimum recommended investment amount for Dynamic SIPs as it would give significant returns over time. For you to reap the benefits of investment, Rs.10,000 is a good amount to start with.

  • All mutual funds and other investments are subject to market rates.

  • Yes, you can withdraw or stop your investment anytime. It is also easy to do so as there is no lock-in system in place. You have complete freedom to pause or stop your Dynamic SIP fund anytime you wish to.

  • Dynamic SIP’s are better when compared to Fixed Deposits because:

    • The flexibility of investment is high
    • You get the advantage of diversification
    • Better tax benefits
    • You get higher returns on investment

Our Team

The CashRich team led by Sougata and Hiren focuses on customer support. CashRich has an in-app chat support system that helps to provide the best customer service. The team has decades of investment experience and have seen different market cycles. Dynamic SIP is a result of understanding how markets work over a period of time and how investors behave during extreme bull or bear market. Automating the investment transactions via Dynamic SIP is the best way to behave right in financial markets.

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Sougata Basu
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Managing Director



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